Insurance for Physical Therapy

Specialized Physical Therapy accepts most major insurance plans in Massachusetts; please see the up-to-date list below for the insurance plans we accept.  As an alternative payment type to insurance for premium physical therapy service, we accept cash, checks, and credit cards for those patients who strive to reach optimal health and recovery from some of the most qualified therapists in the Boston area.

Written Prescriptions and Authorizations for physical therapy are required for all Tufts Health Plans, BCBS HMO plans, BCBS Medicare Advantage HMO plans, and United Healthcare Medicare Advantage POS/HMO plans.  Please have your Primary Care Physician (PCP), not a specialist (i.e. your orthopedic surgeon), to authorize treatment for Physical Therapy (PT) through your insurance company, and fax us a copy when this is complete to: 866-949-9835. The referral department at your PCP clinic needs the first four things below in order to authorize PT treatment (otherwise, your insurance will not pay for your PT treatment) and complete the insurance authorization with your insurance.  Please be sure to follow-up with your PCP every two days until they complete it; most well-managed PCP clinics can do on the spot authorizations over the phone or day of.

  1. Clinic Name: We are Specialized Physical Therapy, SPT, located in both North Reading, MA and Stoneham, MA.
  2. Our Group National Provider Identifier (NPI) Number:   156-871-0903.
  3. Your start date for the initial evaluation.
  4. For BCBS members, please request 26 visits from your PCP; for Tufts members, please request 9 visits from your PCP.
  5. For GIC Unicare, Cigna, Workers’ Compensation, BCBS Anthem, Health Plans, Aetna, and United Healthcare authorizations, SPT will make the initial request for your PT authorization if needed.  Some authorizations need to be requested before you initial evaluation and others need to be requested after your initial evaluation at our clinic.

A Written Prescription, no more than 30 days old, for Physical Therapy is required regardless of insurance payment type (i.e. health insurance, auto accidents, or workers’ compensation). Please bring the prescription to your first visit or have your PCP fax it to our clinic: 866-949-9835.  Tip:  What is the purpose of a Written Prescription from your doctor?  1)  It protects your financial interests in the event your insurance company decides to audit your account.  2)  It allows us to immediately start our work by treating the right injury or pain center since we know your diagnosis is 99% accurate since it is coming from a trained professional thereby not wasting your time or ours. 3)  Managed insurance companies that require physical therapy authorizations also demand a written prescription for the continuation of care.

Physical Therapy Insurance